Frequently Asked Questions About Rainbow Braid Loom Refill Kits

Q: When you say the bands are 'low smell', what do you mean?

A: Another thing we noticed about many of the rubber bands we purchased from other people was that they smelt really strongly of chemicals when we first removed them from the bag. I was not happy with that for my kids at all so we worked out a cool way to solve it (mostly anyway). I got the manufacturers to add a special 'airing' period to the way they make the bands. It takes longer but is well worth it. In addition, we designed bags with holes so that the bands continue to air while they are waiting to ship out.

Q: Why are each of the colors in individual bags?

A: When the kids and I we were buying other peoples products to see how we could make the best rubber band refill pack available anywhere we discovered that there was quite a few products that had what I call color bleed. We would open the pack of mixed rubber bands we had bought and different colored bands would be stuck together and one color had bled into the other which made both rubber bands unusable. The other reason is that my kids use to spend so much time just separating out rubber bands into their own colors when we bought them mixed that they love now getting them in individual bags of colors. No more need for sorting!

Q: Do these bands contain latex?

A: No, these are latex free rubber bands.

Q: How perfectly round is each of the rubber bands?

A: Each band is cut by hand so they won't all be identical. When designing the set, I chose a middle ground between exactly perfectly round bands (which would be 3-4 times the cost of these and not as strong or flexible as they are made from silicone) and providing the bands at an affordable cost. In one refill pack of 5400 you might see a few that are not as they should be but this is exactly why I offer my refund guarantee. If you are not happy that the RAINBOW refill pack is amazing value for money then just let me know and I'll either send you out an additional pack at no cost or provide you with a complete refund, your choice. It is my goal to make sure YOU are happy and this is the best way I can think of to make sure that happens.

Q: Does the Rainbow Braid RAINBOW refill pack include a loom?

A: No, this is a refill pack of 5400 rubber bands with 250 clips and does not include a loom to make bracelets with. Although a loom makes creating rubber band bracelets much easier, my kids have shown me that their fingers can substitute for the loom when we are out in the car or somewhere they do not have it with them. So you can get by without one (although using a loom is definitely recommended).

Q: Are Rainbow Braid bands compatible with all the different looms?

A: They sure are.


Frequently Asked Questions About Rainbow Braid Eraser Packs

Q: Do these erasers come apart like a puzzle that you can then put back together?

A: They sure do!

Q: Does each eraser come in an individual bag? I wanted to use these as favors?

A: Yes, each individual animal eraser comes packaged in its own re-sealable bag.

Q: Are the bags randomly selected or does every bag contain the same animals?

A: Every 25 pack contains the same erasers (the actual ones pictured! Not some other ones you’ve never seen before).

Q: Are there duplicates in the bag?

A: No we hand selected the animals to go in each bag to ensure there are no duplicates.

Q: Can you mix the body parts of animals and create your own?

A: Yes several of the animal shapes are compatible with other animals so you can mix and match bodies with heads and create your own unique animals!!

Q: Are these suitable for small children?

A: These do have small parts and look very tasty so we do not recommend giving these to children under 4 years.

Q: Do these erasers have holes in the bottom to use as a pencil topper?

A: No these are not created to be affixed to a pen or pencil. They work great in a pencil case though!

Q: They are super cute. But do they actually function well as erasers? Or do they just smudge?

A: They can still be used as an eraser however there are some small parts that can come off when using them. You’d want to use the larger parts to erase, not the small parts. Think of erasing as a side-effect to the fun, cuteness of them as puzzle erasers.