What People Say About Rainbow Braid

The response to Rainbow Braid has been amazing! With over 46,000 happy customers across the USA I'm thrilled with the feedback which has just allowed us to make our products better and better.

I'm so grateful for the amazing feedback and reviews we've received on Amazon as well so far. Here's a snapshot from today!

 Here's to more years of fun toys!


Louise Fox,
Founder, Rainbow Braid


Andrea B.

I ordered them for my kids and they are right here all over my desk and floor making a zillion bracelets. I need to order more storage containers. Now the older grandson wants his own rainbow set maker. They were a great deal and I will make an effort to get it up on facebook. Thank you for the letter. I will keep it for future reference. This is my vote for toy of the year.

Oat G.

Hi Louise, So far my daughter loves the Mega Pack. Only problem is we have to find another organizer for all the different colors. Shipping was fast and they seem to be high quality bands. Keep up the great work. I'm sure we'll be buying again. Thanks for checking up! Oat

Laura H.

Hi Louise, So I got my rubber bands in the mail on Monday and I LOVE them! I've only just discovered how much fun the rainbow loom is and having all the awesome colors that your refill kit comes with, makes it all the more spectacular! I particularly like the glitter bands because of how glittery they are and that the glitter is multi-colored instead of just silver. The fact that they are hand made is funky, but they are stronger and have a better stretch to them. I hope to order more bands in the future and I will most assuredly get them from you! Thanks for the great product and your dedicated customer service. Laura : )

Patricia K.

I received the bands today I love the colors!!! I am a 55 year old woman and I like this hobby. The bracelets with the sparkly bands are pretty. I make a bracelet every night. Thank you I will reorder when done.

Patricia A.

My Great Niece's in Atlanta received the Rubber Band Refill Set this morning. THEY ARE THRILLED!!!!

Lisa Van D.

Hello, Louise, My daughter was thrilled to receive the box of rubber bands last night. I love that they are individually wrapped because my daughter likes to maintain them in a jewelry organizer. That way I can also see which colors she is using the most....right now it's blues and greens. Of course, your bands are less expensive than the loom brands but I selected your product primarily because of the wide selection of color and types of bands rather than price (even though that was nice too). My husband and I were once small business owners too and realize how important customer service is. I always wanted to hear ways to improve but I think you're doing a great job and have no additional suggestions. Regards, Lisa

Melanie L.

Hi Louise, The verdict is in...he loves them. He was thrilled with all the colors and especially happy to see orange and a real blue, and has been busily making them for his friends since. Thank you for a great product, Melanie