Why Rainbow Braid ?

"Hi Louise, So I got my rubber bands in the mail on Monday and I LOVE them! I've only just discovered how much fun the rainbow loom is and having all the awesome colors that your refill kit comes with, makes it all the more spectacular! I particularly like the glitter bands because of how glittery they are and that the glitter is multi-colored instead of just silver. The fact that they are hand made is funky, but they are stronger and have a better stretch to them. I hope to order more bands in the future and I will most assuredly get them from you! Thanks for the great product and your dedicated customer service. Laura : )"
-Laura H

My kids were going crazy over the Rainbow Loom phenomenon sweeping the nation but they wanted more colors & better quality than what we'd been seeing in many refill sets (this was before I started Rainbow Braid).

Designed & Tested With My Kids!

So, when designing these bands, I decided to see what it would take to make the best possible rubber band refill set for the variety of Looms available now.

I designed them with my kids help to make sure they were exactly right. The Rainbow Braid bands by Paper and Twine are the remarkable result!

I am astonished that we’ve already sold more than 230 millions bands to over 46,000  happy customers who have  purchased loom band refill sets and the feedback has been amazing!

So what are you waiting for? Browse around our shop and get your hands on some of your own bands too! :)