14,700+ Premium Rainbow Loom Bands Mega Refill Kit w/ 30+ Bright Colors, 13,900 Rubber Bands, 1,000 Clips, 200 Beads, 30 Charms and 120 Authentic Animal Stickers


  • ULTIMATE LOOM BANDS REFILL KIT FROM TOP SELLING BRAND RAINBOW BRAID. Organizer box with refill bag including 13,900 bright and vibrant latex-free bands in 30+ different colors, 1,000 clips, 200 beads, 30 charms plus a BONUS pack of 120 collectible Rainbow Braid Animal Stickers, bonus charms and bands in brand NEW colors
  • THE ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC LOOM BAND REFILL BRAND - With over 221 million Rainbow Braid bands sold to over 45,800 happy customers and well over 1700 reviews, Rainbow Braid is the most trusted rubber band refill brand on Amazon. Our bands are specifically designed to inspire kids creativity using the strongest and brightest bands available. With a great range of colors: metallic, neon, jelly, tie dye, glitter, glow in the dark – it is no wonder our refill kit has been rated the best on the market.
  • INDEPENDENTLY US LAB TESTED AND SAFE FOR KIDS. Tested by TTL Laboratories Inc here in the USA proving our bands do not contain any lead or phthalates, meaning our bands are completely SAFE for kids.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BANDS. Regularly Featured on YouTube by looming professionals. With all colors conveniently separated and two secure latches, this is the perfect refill kit organizer for your creative young loomer. Compatible with all loom brands – such as Rainbow Loom, or Crazie Loom Bands.
  • 365 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Rainbow Braid is a small family company, designed by a parent for and with their kids. If you aren't happy for any reason, you can get a full refund for genuine Rainbow Braid brand products, no questions asked.
Purple, Green), Jelly Bands (Hot Pink, Purple and Transparent) and Bolds (Black, White, Pink, Blue, Red)
365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • NEW MEGA BOX PACK FROM THE TOP SELLING RAINBOW BRAID BRAND - With over 230 million Rainbow Braid bands sold to over 46,000 happy customers, Rainbow Braid is the top rated rubber band refill brand. This is our latest MEGA box selection of over 11,400 bands in 38 different bold, beautiful colors, 24 awesomely cute charms & 700 clips - including metallic, neon, jelly, tie dye, glitter and glow in the dark bands.
  • INDEPENDENTLY TESTED AND SAFE FOR KIDS - One of the only brands of bands tested by TTL Laboratories Inc. here in the USA and shown to contain no lead or phthalates - over 11,400 latex-free rubber bands compatible with all loom kits.
  • 365 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you aren't happy for any reason you can get a full refund for genuine Rainbow Braid brand products, no questions asked or an additional pack sent out to you at no charge (your choice!).
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BANDS - 38 individual colors in separate box containers means no color bleed with bands rubbing and super easy for kids to organize. Greatly reduced smell via better quality material, special airing process in manufacturing and bags designed with airing holes.
  • OUT OF THIS WORLD CUSTOMER SERVICE & FREE AWESOME TUTORIALS - Anything you need, any issues you have: Rainbow Braid, the manufacturer, is available via email or phone. Old school, real customer service here in the USA - like how we'd want to be treated. To make your experience even better, we created this exclusive set of tutorials using Rainbow Braid bands that you will receive 100% free. It includes 101 custom colorful, high-res photos, over 4000 words in 31 pages. You're going to have so much fun with these.


50% off RRP - New MEGA BOX Set of Brightly Colored, Strong, Individually Packaged Rubber Band Refills for All Loom Kits - Bold, Neon, Glitter, Metallic, Jelly, Tie Dye and Glow in the Dark Bands - Designed With Kids Help!
Looking for the best rubber band refill pack out there? You're in the right place.

My kids have been going crazy over the Rainbow Loom phenomenon sweeping the nation but they wanted more colors & better quality than what we'd been seeing in many refill sets.

The Best Available

Tens of thousands of happy customers have already purchased our rubber bands refill packs and there have been many requests for even more colors so here it is!

So, when designing these bands, I decided to see what it would take to make the best possible rubber band refill set for the variety of Looms available now.

Designed & Tested With My Kids!

Designing them with my kids helped to make sure they were exactly right. My bands - Rainbow Braid by Paper and Twine are the remarkable result! Metallics/Neons (Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Mixed Metallics, Neon Yellow, Neon Purple), Tie Dyes (Black/White, Blue/Purple, Pink/Purple, Pink/Green, Blue/Green, Pink/Blue, Pink/Yellow), Glow in the Dark (Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow), Glitter (Blue, Purple, Green), Jelly Bands (Hot Pink, Purple and Transparent) and Bolds (Black, White, Pink, Blue, Red).


I've done my best to ensure high quality control however as these are made individually by hand I am offering a never before seen rubber band guarantee.

In the unlikely event you are not happy with your pack, just let me know within 365 days and I will be happy to either send you over an additional 12,420pc band refill set free or provide you with a full refund - your choice!

I know you're going to LOVE these bands so I'm making it super easy for you to take our new Rainbow Braid Mega Refill Box Set for a test drive.

So what are you waiting for? Click the buy button now and get your hands on these bands before we run out again!

SKU: RB-8400-BOX

UPC: 700358037979

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